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Remy A. Presas

Dear Modern Arnis Family,

We are saddened by the passing of Grandmaster Remy Amador Presas. He died of compilications due to his brain tumor. He was a great leader, teacher, and person. We send our thoughts and prayers to his immediate family, friends and his extended family in the martial arts the Modern Arnis Family.

Patnubayan Nawa Kayo Ng Panginoon
Sifu David Ng

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At Triangle Kung Fu Arnis Academy, we teach Modern Arnis. Modern Arnis is a style of Filipino stick fighting founded and developed by Grand Master Remy Presas. Modern Arnis focuses on the ability to translate from weapon to empty hand and from empty hand to weapon. This is what the Professor terms as the FLOW. Through Modern Arnis, the individual will learn how to attack and defend using single stick, double stick, swords and daggers, trapping hands, joint locks and throws, and takedowns. Thus, finding and learning to go with the flow enables the individual to face a number of different fighting scenarios.

What is Modern Arnis?

If I ask you do you know what is Modern Arnis, you probably wouldn't know? If I go to the homeland in the Philippines and ask a person on the street, do you know what is Modern Arnis? The answer probably would be the same. Modern Arnis has been becoming one of the fastest growing and most popular Martial Arts around the world. Many people haven't heard of the art unless you are a martial arts enthusiast (and some of those people don't know about it). Even in the Philippines the country of origin, Arnis the Filipino Martial Art (also known as Kali, or Eskrima) is slowly making a rebirth outside of the small training clubs or the family training…only since the 60'sRemy Presas and David Ng and 70's up through the 90's has the art of Arnis started becoming more widely known in the Philippines and other countries around the world including the U.S..

Arnis is the Filipino Martial Art. It is an indigenous fighting art that developed mainly on the secluded islands of the Philippines thousands of years ago. It has developed in the modern day as Arnis, Kali, or Eskrima. There are hundreds of styles, developed by different islands, families, and individuals with different names, but the main idea are fairly common to all the different styles. The Machete (Espada / sword), the Knife (Daga / dagger), the Stick or Sticks (Solo Baston or Doble Baston), and the Empty hand are all utilized in each style of the Filipino Martial Arts in different combinations of uses and techniques and training. The Filipino Arts also include Filipino Boxing and Filipino Wrestling/Grappling (Dumog).

The Filipino Art is one of the most practical arts in the modern age…it's techniques have been used up until modern times in World War II and on the Streets of the Philippines. Not until the development by Grand Master Remy Presas in the 1950's implementing the art form in the Public Schools system in the Philippines and in the 60's and 70's promoting the art around the world, and many of his peers who followed him spreading the art in the following years, were the Filipino Martial Arts changed from just fighting on the street or underground training to the Popular Art Form that it really is and always has been. The Filipino Martial Arts are used by many law enforcement officers around the world because of its practicality and effectiveness. This Art utilizes a person's natural abilities and is molded around the person and not the person to the Art.

Guro David Ng


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