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The techniques and applications shown are for demonstration and informational purposes only.

Opp. 1 (red) Opp. 2 (black)

Technique 1 (counter for counter bait and trap)
1) Opponent 1 approaches Opp. 2. 2) Opp. 1 attacks with an overhead strike to Opp. 2. Opp 2 strikes Opp 1's hand with a backhand strike.
3) Opp. 2 grabs Opp. 1's hand/stick and traps it to the body and Opp. 2 baits Opp. 1 to grab with a forehand butt strike. 4) Opp. 2 strikes Opp.1 with his own stick and cross traps Opp. 1. Opp. 2 finishes with a Forehand strike.

Technique 2 (use of striking styles / largo "long range")
1) Opp. 1 and Opp. 2 square off. 2) Opp. 2 attacks Opp. 1 with a forehand strike. Opp. 1 counters with a follow through banda y banda (side to side) strike to Opp. 2's hand.
3) Opponent 2 continues to counter with a backhand strike. 4) Opp. 1 counters with a double zero strike to stop Opp. 2's strike.
5) Opp. 1 drops down to a low gate banda y banda strike to the leg.

Technique 3 (Double tiger claw / Chin-na )
1) Opp. 1 grabs Opp. 2's elbow. 2) Opp. 2 steps back and yields the grab and does a double downard tiger claw trap. Opp. 2 applies an eye jab as Opp. 1 falls forward off balance.
3) Opp. 2 traps Opp. 1's hand and rolls into a backward wrist-lock with his right elbow. 4) After the wrist-lock takedown Opp. 2 kicks Opp. 1 with a dragon kick.

Technique 4 (Finger lock control)
1) Opp. 2 approaches Opp.1 to grab. 2) Opp. 2 reaches to grab Opp. 1's throat and Opp. 1 grabs Opp. 2's right hand first 2 fingers.
3) Opp. 1 applies a downward 2 finger lock to Opp. 2.

Technique 5 (Defending attack with walking cane)
1) Opp. 1 attacks Opp.2 with a forehand strike 2) Opp. 2 defends by applying a supported backhand block.
3) Opp. 2 snake hooks Opp. 1's stick. 4) Opp. 2 strikes with the walking canes crook throwing Opp. 1 off balance. Opp. 2 side kicks Opp. 1's knee to take him down.

Technique 6 (Walking cane control move)
1) Opp. 2 grabs for Opp. 1's walking cane. Opp. 1 yields back 2) Opp. 1 rolls the cane up into Opp. 2's elbow for a center lock armbar press
3) Opp. 1 presses Opp. 2 down to the ground with the joint lock
and clears and strikes with a thrust strike.

1. Attacker attempts to push the defender. 2. Defender empties back and does a double downward deflection.
3. The Defender performs an outward wrist lock and strikes the attacker on the jaw with the right hand and steps in for the leg take down w/ the right leg. 4. The Defender pins the attacker to the ground with the right knee across the floating ribs and presses the left knee across the elbow for reverse arm bar while maintaining the outward wrist lock.

1. Attacker grabs the Defender's wrist. 2. The Defender traps the grab and performs a bent wrist lock and kicks the attacker's knee with a dragon (cross) kick.
3. The Defender steps down to a cat stance and pulls the attacker's arm out and strikes the attacker's tricep tendon for an arm bar takedown. 4. The Defender pins the attacker to the ground by pressing the right knee into the tricep and pulling up on the wrist for an arm bar.

1. Attacker grabs the defender with a rear shoulder grab. 2. The Defender steps forward to yield with the left leg and traps the grab with the left hand and begins to turn the right elbow around the grab.
3. The Defender steps around with the left leg and has snaked the right arm around the opponents grabbing arm and presses the arm bar with the left arm. 4. The Defender performs a figure 4 arm bar takedown and pins the attacker to the ground with the left knee in between the shoulder joint.



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