Welcome to TRIANGLE KUNG-FU ARNIS ACADEMY. You have taken your first step toward what we hope will be a long journey in the martial arts. Our responsibility as INSTRUCTORS is to teach you “line upon line” and “precept upon precept” what it takes to become a BLACK BELT...and we take that responsibility very seriously.

TRIANGLE KUNG-FU ARNIS ACADEMY teaches many facets and fundamentals of self-defense. For the beginner, there are basic control moves designed to defend oneself against certain grabs, holds, and threatening maneuvers. Also, the student is taught basic kicks, how to do them properly and effectively, as well as how to punch and block an attacker. 

The intermediate student learns the more complicated techniques, which include hand work, many knife attack defenses, weapons training, sweeps, takedowns, throws, and light sparring which trains the student to use the techniques he or she has learned in a fighting situation. 

For the long term dedicated student, the learning possibilities are endless, striving for perfection of form goes on. In depth study of Sil-Lum Five Animals Kung-fu, Praying Mantis System, Chin-Na, and Modern Arnis, gives the student the opportunity to develop the Art as well as fighting ability and self-defense. The dedicated student will learn confidence, self discipline, and build strength of body and character. 

For all students there is the benefit of Tai Chi, one of the Chinese internal martial arts. The Tai Chi form is an exercise which teaches many proper defense techniques, maintains one’s health, and trains the body to be calm yet responsive. Advanced students will be able to further develop Tai Chi training for self-defense application. 

Once again, let me welcome you, and thank you for supporting this organization and giving us the opportunity to share our system with you.

“Builders of Confidence!”