Master David Ng


Head Instructor and Owner, Master David Ng is an international certified instructor in Sil-Lum Kung-Fu and Modern Arnis.  Sifu David Ng has been practicing the martial arts for over 25 years.  

He holds his 4th  Degree (Sifu) Master Black Belt in Sil-Lum Kung-Fu under 8th degree Grand Master (Si-Gung) Rick Ward and is Certified as an AdvancedInstructor (Guro) 4th Degree Black Belt in Modern Arnis and apersonal student under 10th degree Grand Master Remy Presas (1982 Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame, instructor of the year, and 1994 Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame, Weapons Instructor of the Year).  

Master David Ng is the appointed State Representative forthe International Modern Arnis Federation in North Carolina, andon the Board of Directors of the International Kung-fu Arnis Association.  Master David Ng was a member of the Cloud Forest Association under 10th degree Grand Master (Si-Gung)  Wei David Kash.  Master Ng was inducted into the Filipino Martial Arts Hall of Fame(U.S. Kali Association) in July of 1998, as Instructor of the Year, and Certified Level 4 Instructor in Comjukali Systems, under 10th degree Grand Master Gaudiosa Ruby.  

Master David Ng is a certified instructor of Yang Style Short Form Tai Chi Chuan under Grand Master (Si-Gung) Rick Ward.  He holds B.A. degrees in Psychology (1991) and Sociology (1992) from Appalachian State University. He received his Master’s Degree, MBA (2005) from Pfeiffer University.  

Master David Ng is a Raleigh Native and has been a Police Officer in the Raleigh/Durham area since 1995. Master David Ng currently serves as the Director of Public Safety/Chief of Police for WMCP & PS Department. He was the former SWAT team commander and team leader at MPD.  He is a certified by the State of NC, as a Law Enforcement General Instructor and as a Subject Control/Arrest Technique (Defensive Tactics) Instructor.   Triangle Kung-Fu Arnis Academy is one of eight schools of the International Kung-Fu Arnis Association under Grand Master Rick Ward.