At Triangle Kung Fu Arnis Academy, we offer students the opportunity to study Yang Tai Chi Chuan (Short Form) and Emperor's Style Tai Chi form. Our Tai Chi is integrated in the advanced level curriculum.

We focus on form, exercise, and application of Tai Chi, Chin-na, Chi-gung, and various sets and exercises from these two Tai Chi styles. We include exercises concepts from Bagua and Hsing-I. We specialize on the practical self-defense application of Tai Chi Chuan (Grand Ultimate Fist).

Tai Chi History

The internal arts Tai Chi, Ba Gua, and Hsing-I are taught collectively at our school as the Emperor's Long Fist system. Emperor's Long Fist (Tai Tzu Chang Chuan) was created in Sung dynasty China by Emperor Chao Kuang Yin in 960 A.D.

It is the root of all other Tai Chi styles. Ba Gua and Hsing-I, the sister arts to Tai Chi, were also incorporated. These internal arts emphasize the cultivation of Qi (a.k.a. Chi, Ki, life energy, etc.) for use in combat rather than external muscular force. Thousands of Chinese and a growing number of Westerners practice internal arts (especially Tai Chi) for health and longevity.